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Top 10 Redhead Pornstars

Top 10 Redhead Pornstars The world has long been divided into three groups: some like blondes, some go crazy over brunettes, and some adore redheads. We sincerely believe that the members of the third group are real gourmets. In red girls there is something special: a crazy charisma, a sly look, a desire for adventure […]


Top 10 Latina Pornstars

Top 10 Latina Pornstars Southern Latin women have become synonymous with sexuality. This happened long before the media, mass culture and porn appeared. However, it was porn that had created a very special pedestal, to which ladies from Latin countries climbed without much effort. Today we publish a list of the hottest Latina pornstars. Watch, […]

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Top 15 Best MyFreeCams Girls of All Time

Top 15 Best MyFreeCams Girls of All Time Okay, watching porn is great, but watching cam models is better. It might be due to the fact that you can interact with these dream girls, it might be their innate hotness. It might be private shows, or all those crazy sexual antics they’re willing to perform […]


Top 20 Most Popular NSFW Reddits

Top 20 Most Popular NSFW Reddits Is there anything hotter than NSFW reddits? Sure, porn videos are great, but these reddits give us a chance to discover something new and crazy. There are a ton of great not safe for work reddits out there, and we’ve hand-picked 20 of the biggest and hottest ones just […]

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Is Sex Addiction Real?

Sex addiction, or hypersexuality, is a term that most people don’t understand yet. Some guys call themselves addicts for no reason, probably thinking it’s awesome. The logic is pretty simple: if you’re hypersexual, then you’re a pro lover, and you know a trick or two to turn your partner on. This is not true. It’s […]


Post-coital Dysphoria: Why So Sad after Sex?

Sex is supposed to bring pleasure. Why then some men and women feel emotionally devastated and miserable after intercourse? If you have ever experienced the same, you are not alone – about 50% of people have been there too. And there is a term for this state – postcoital dysphoria, or post-sex blues. Previously, it […]

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Transgender Erotica Awards 2017

For those that haven’t yet heard of the Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA) Awards, listen up closely. Avalon, Hollywood held the Transgender Erotica Awards on March 5th 2017 and who’s who in the transgender adult industry showed up. These awards were introduced in 2008 as a form of an on-line competition, since the representation of transgender […]

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