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Clara Morgane
Clara Morgane

Age: 1981-01-25

Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: brown

Weight: 119lb

Height: 5'5"

Cupsize: 34D-34-36

Ethnicity: Euro

Country: France

City: Marseille

Official Site: Visit Site

The sexy ‘Chanteuse Francaise’, Clara Morgane, has those dark, smoky nightclub eyes and soulful voice that could make a man freeze up before he finishes his aperitif and French-fried frog leg dinner. It’s a good thing Clara knows ways to heat a body back up and get all the juices flowing and boiling from the big head brain to the smaller scrotal brain. Before this tall, leggy lounge act gripped a microphone close to her lips, she was gripping veiny shaft and singing into the open dick holes of tons of on-camera Euro fuckers. Clara has got a real supermodel figure, natural tits like juicy ripe fruit hanging from a slut tree, with gorgeous shiny red nipples. Her hip-to-waist ratio is so perfect, it’s listed in geometry textbooks under the golden ratio, and the Pi between the thighs is one of those great mysteries of the universe that you’d cut off your own ear for a chance to solve. Clara did a bunch of amazing European porno films before going mainstream. They’ve all got that realistic continental emphasis on atmosphere and sensuality, like when Clara initiates a sensual intra-butt cheek massage on an empty beach while she smokes clove cigarettes and reads dark poetry. The real art, however, always lies in her personal self-expression, like when she’s screaming and sweating after getting her sexy French ass jackhammered and boner-nailed to the ground.
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